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Battenfeld injection molding machines – we have at our disposal injection molding machines with up to 300 tons clamping force, up to 442 cm3 of injection volume and CNC control system. Our machines are designed for shooting of reinforced and/or high temperature plastics. Maximum shot temperature is 400°C. Our injection molding machines are equipped with two-armed robots, thermostats, grinders and dryers with viscose fiber sieves. We own all the instruments necessary for the full automation of the whole process.

LGH 450 injection molding machine -  450 tons clamping force,  1089 cm3 of injection volume,  designed for shooting of reinforced and/or high temperature plastics and with  CNC control system.

CNC HARDINGE TALENT 8/52 turning center – turning center with driven tools, 1500 mm bar feeder and automatic workpiece and chips receiver.

CNC COLCHESTER TORNADO A50 turning center – turning center with 1000 mm bar feeder and automatic workpiece and chips receiver.

CNC HAAS VM-2 – Vertical Mold Making Machine. Equipped with a 12000 rpm inline direct-drive spindle; travels x, y, z 762x508x508 mm.

AGA CHARMILLES CUT 30P wire electrical discharge machine – high precision electrical discharge machine. Minimal surface coarseness <0.25 µm. Travels x, y, z 1050 x 800 x 350 mm.

BP 97d wire electrical discharge machine – travels x, y, z 200 x 135 x 120 mm.

BP 97 and BP 97 SPEC cavity type electrical discharge machines – reductive electrical discharge machines for spark machining of all kinds of steel, cast-iron, sinters, aluminium and other electrically conductive materials. Travels x, y, z 300 x 450 x 220 mm / 480x480x220 maximum weight of the electrode 15 kg/15 kg.

Eccentric presses – capacity 10, 16 and 100 tons.

Hydraulic presses for vulcanizing rubber and silicone.

Hydraulic press with 250 T force and with an ejector.

Conventional milling machines – travels x, y, z (400 x 200 x 400 mm), 600 mm clearance.

Conventional lathes – turning length 1.5 mm, maximum turning diameter 500 mm.

Spot welding machine – maximum thickness of welded metal sheets – 4+4 mm.

3D printer MakerBot Replicator Z18 – work space x, y, z: 305x 305 x 457 mm.

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