In RPOL’s toolroom, moulds are designed and manufactured on details with the highest quality requirements and complex construction. We make moulds for thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics, punching dies, stamping dies, metals (pressure and die-casting) on customer’s order and for our own needs.

On customer’s request we can make the following tools: injection moulds for both plastics and aluminium, punching dies, stamping dies and moulds for rubber vulcanisation. Moreover, we are able to start production of all the above mentioned technologies in our plant except for aluminium injection.

Our tool department offers both new moulds and servicing of in-service moulds.

We also offer a range of services in the field of CNC milling and turning, tool drilling and tool regeneration. We work on high quality, proven components from renowned manufacturers (e.g. FCPK, FIBRO, BOGNER, KOMEXIM). Thanks to sourcing standard elements from suppliers, we ensure short lead times.

We make moulds:

  • Hot-channel
  • Cold-channel
  • With single injection
  • With multi-point injection
  • Multi-cavity
  • With many sliding elements
  • With polished surface
  • With irregular shapes and closures