Isolating Switches

Our offer includes battery isolating switches with and without a fuse. They are used to protect the car against theft, fire and battery discharge. Our disconnectors do not require unscrewing the battery terminal in the vehicle, because the disconnection takes place after removing the key from the ignition. The isolating switch equipped with a fuse allows you to use appliances that require constant power supply, such as: a radio, a central locking system, an alarm, etc. In the model with a fuse, the power supply is completely interrupted (fuse burnout) at the moment of an attempt to start the starter by unauthorized persons or in case of an electrical system failure, e.g. a short circuit.

Product advantages:

  • simple assembly, no electrical or mechanical alterations are required
  • large electrical contact area
  • easy-to-use
  • small in size.


How to install: Screw the longer end of the isolating switch to the vehicle’s ground. The other end of the isolating switch is screwed to the other end of the battery.

The product has a certificate which entitles it to be marked with the safety sign “B”, issued by the Motor Transport Institute in Warsaw.