Thermostatic Heads

Thermostatic heads act as an automatic room temperature controller. Thanks to the thermostatic head, you can easily adjust the temperature in a room to suit your preferences. The thermostatic heads we manufacture can be used in all types of central heating installations. They work together with  valve inserts of this type:

  • Heimeier
  • Weberman
  • Purmo
  • Korado
  • Radson
  • Kermi
  • Korad
  • Henrad

In addition, each thermostatic valve has an M30 x 1.5 connection thread and a closing dimension of 11.5 mm.

Our heads are also compatible with Luxor valves.



The heads we manufacture are characterized by:

  • a built-in sensor and dispenser
  • mounted directly on the valve body
  • sensor operation based on the change in volume of the substance during melting and solidification as a result of temperature change
  • use of paraffin hydrocarbons in the sensor
  • housing made of brass MO58 Z4
  • a dispenser made of ABS plastic
  • head body, nut and fuse made of Itamid (glass fibre reinforced polyamide)
  • a nickel-plated nut made of brass.