Temperature Probes

The RPOL plant manufactures temperature probes of M5 and STB type with any cable length. The probes serve as an executory element for temperature measurement. They are used in heating and cooling devices and air conditioners.


Thermo-sensitive element Type NiCr-Ni KL 1
Temperature measurement range from -30 to 280 °C
Accuracy of measurement +/- 1,2 °C
Response time T90=6sec


The probes are made of:

  • a chromium  and nickel steel sensor with Mo Ti admixture (1.4571)
  • sensor housings with PPS GL 40 (resistance up to 280 °C)
  • wire with the diameter of 2 x 0.22 mm² NiCr-Ni KL 1 in PVC sheath (resistance up to 110 °C).